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Transport of Heavy, Bulky, Expensive, or Crucial (for the task to which they are destined) items of equipment can be completed within a short time and at affordable costs.

Y & H Cargo Pvt. Ltd. is a company that offers solutions for the seamless Transport of large and Project Cargo across the globe. Our Logistics team will deliver professional and high-quality support to clients regarding any problem and offer the most appropriate solution to the kind and Transport routes. Most importantly, the Transportation of bulky or heavy-lift Cargo gets done at the correct time, and our customers are delighted with the price.

What are the benefits of selecting the method of Transportation for your Project Cargo on Y & H Cargo Pvt. Ltd.?

The top logistics companies in the world at Y & H Cargo Pvt. Ltd. offer the following conditions.

  • Multimodal options for the Transport of Project Cargo (by Rail, Containers, Trucks, or even Air, and on decks of Ships)
  • The guarantee of delivery at the correct time (without any delays)
  • Individualized service and attitude to every client consider the client's interests and needs.
  • Every forwarding business is accountable for Transporting bulky Cargo based on insurance protection.
  • Low and competitive prices
  • Assistance with the filing process
  • Tracking online each shipment
  • Performs work at the highest levels
  • Expertise in the norms, regulations, and standards of each country.
  • Coordination of the legal requirements of different nations for heavy or oversized Transport of Cargo

The most commonly used container for Projects is 20'/40' open top and 20'/40 Flat Rack. Because of their design, the containers can be used to store and stack extremely heavy or sizeable Cargo. If you'd like to find out details about dimensions and the types of containers, just click the link below.

Services that We At Y & H Cargo Pvt. Ltd. Offer In Ship Project Cargo

Y & H Cargo Pvt. Ltd. is qualified in Transporting construction machinery, rivers and sea Transportation industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, and many machines and equipment that are not standard. Y & H Cargo Pvt. Ltd. utilizes modern technology to Transport different kinds of payloads. They are qualitatively accomplished by local and international Freight Transportation.

Suppose you want to find out what it would cost to Transport your Project Cargo. In that case, we've created an online calculator where you will need to enter your personal information, the place of departure and return, the number of services you require, and information about the Cargo (weight, size, length, height). This way, you're getting all the details regarding the cost of Transport, price, and timing.

Project Cargo Transportation methods via road, sea, and railway

Sea Freight for Cargo over gauge is usually carried out in specially-designed containers, including Flat-Racks Open-Tops, Platforms, and Flat-Racks. This applies to loads not exceeding 12 Meters and 3m in height or width. In other instances, it is required to make special arrangements or even ship via the decks of an unchartered vessel. The delivery of heavy and oversized Cargo via road is done by following the following criteria: weight of 25 tons and width of 2.54 Meters, length of 13,5 Meters, and height of 2,7 Meters. Rail Transport of Project Cargoes may be done in containers, either in multimodal Transport, depending on the size, and, if not via Freight wagons or rail platforms (the most common method for heavy Cargo). For every type of Transport, you can determine the price. If you have issues with the forwarder, you can reach the forwarder through chat. He will help you find solutions for any problems and provide guidance on what to proceed with.

International Shipping of Cargo that is too large is arranged in all countries around the globe. You can locate any solution in the category you need. Prices vary based on dimensions, the delivery time, the type of Cargo, and specific conditions.

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